Cotton-lined Dishwashing Gloves

I posted about these originally in 2014. See post here. Try are back in stock and I just ordered more. Here is a non-affiliate link. I’m looking forward to using less lotion this winter for my chapped hands thanks to these. Happy dishwashing.


The Little Laminator that could….

I don’t usually share products that I like, but last week I posted about all the flash cards that we use in our homeschool. Well, I’ve laminated most of them and this little AmazonBasics laminator was the best $20 I’ve ever spent. So far I’ve used almost 300 laminating sheets to laminate between two and four flash cards per sheet. Best thing I ever did. Not only will these survive through school days with four children, but if they manage to survive through to the last kid they will still be useable for someone else as well after we’re done with them.

Double time it on the Waffles please

Waffles for my hungry kid this morning are brought to you by my favorite cast iron waffle maker.

See my post on Cast Iron Waffles for the many reasons why I love them. But what I’m loving most lately is that I have two of them. My mom gave me another one for my birthday. Two waffle irons for this family of six makes up a weeks worth of waffles in no time which is good for me. The other good thing is that because these are much less bulky than their electric counterparts, they both slide right in beside my pans and take up hardly any cabinet space at all. Who wants waffles now?

Announcing: Essential Oil and Herb Quick Reference Chart

5.15.13 014

Front side of chart.

Last spring I created this chart for a class I was teaching on herbal first aid. The chart covers commonly used herbs and essential oils and their properties and gives suggested remedies for common first aid situations and illnesses. This laminated chart is two-sided. The front side is color coded based on the safety of the herb or oil and covers 17 herbs/oils. The back side of the chart is covers 66 ailments and conditions listing the herbs/oils that are good for them. Cautions are listed on the front of the chart.

I’ll be offering this for sale on Amazon this for sale on Amazon in the future, and have plans to eventually offer an expanded Kindle format was well. In the meantime, however,  if you’d like to buy one from the source (me), you can comment on this post you will receive payment instructions via email. Cost is $5.00 (free shipping). The chart measures approximately 7 x 4 inches. It is printed on heavy cover stock and laminated so that you can take it with you so that you’ll know what to do when you are out and about or travelling away from home. If you find it helpful be sure to comment here and let me know.

Back side of the chart.

Back side of the chart.

Color-coded by safety level.

Color-coded by safety level.

Disclaimer: By purchasing this chart, you take full responsibility for any outcomes based on it’s use and release the author from any liability either real or perceived. The author makes no claims as to expected results and takes no responsibility for either positive or negative results. This chart should be considered to be personal opinion and is based on personal research and should be taken as such. It should be used with common sense, your own personal research and should not be considered medical advice. See full Disclosures/Disclaimers here. By requesting to purchases this chart you release the author from any liability and agree to all the terms and conditions in the Disclaimer linked above.

Product Update: Cotton-lined dish washing gloves

So, see my post below to read about the virtues of these wonderful dish washing gloves. Just wanted to let you know that 3 months later I’m still using the same pair of gloves! I’m shocked and amazed at the quality of these gloves. I’ve never had a pair of rubber gloves last so long and I’ve never liked a pair as well as I like these. Usually after a month at the most mine have holes and I’m throwing them out. And these get heavy use. On most days I use them 2-3 times a day. They are wonderful and you should all order some. Use my Amazon link and I’ll get a few pennies for your purchase. Wash away…..

Original Post:

41ZtqK26hQL._SY300_I usually don’t post about products but have any of you used these? Casabella Premium Water Stop  Latex Gloves (affiliate link – see my Disclosures page). I just discovered them and they are working wonders for the eczema on my hands that flares up periodically with the use of irritants like dish soap and hot water. But, what’s a city girl to do? The dishes have to be done. NYC apartment = no dishwasher. I can’t make the kids do the dishes yet. And the regular latex gloves from the store irritate my hands just as bad as dish soap with all those powdery linings. Well, guess what? These are wonderful! They have a “cotton flocking” which means that tiny cotton fibers have been adhered to the interior of the glove. Now, I will warn you that when I first got these and opened them up my first thought was, “These aren’t lined with cotton.” You see, I was expecting a cotton fabric lining and that is not what it is. It feels like a soft, less rubbery glove on the inside. I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted but decided to try them out. I have been using them for around 3 weeks now and let me tell you the are well worth the $7 price tag. The lining (though not what I expected) doesn’t irritate my hands, they fit well and don’t slip and they have yet to crack or get a hole which is something that I can’t say for the gloves I used to buy at the grocery store. I’m sure they will wear out eventually but right now I am very happy and will definitely order more. They have definitely made dish washing a much happier chore at my house.

 Note: These are latex, so if you have a latex allergy I would avoid them since I don’t know that the cotton flocked lining would protect your skin sufficiently. 

Cast Iron Waffles

3.12.14 027Not actually cast iron waffles, but my new favorite waffle maker (affiliate link). I had a regular electric belgian waffle maker that I used until we moved this fall. The handle had broken off, the rubber feet had all melted and the non-stick stuff was all scratched up on the inside. So I decided that it had served 7 good years and threw it out. This one was patiently sitting in the cabinet just waiting to be pulled out. I had received it as a birthday present and hadn’t really figured out how to use. Well, the time had come.

3.12.14 031At first I didn’t like it, but as my friend said the other day – “It’s cast iron. You just have to get to know it.” And she’s absolutely right. Now, that I know this lovely little cast iron waffle maker I think it’s so much better than my other one was. It’s seasoning up better and better with each use. It makes perfectly round beautiful waffles that come right out. You should all click the affiliate links above and buy one. I’ll earn .02 cents or something from Amazon which I’ll probably put toward some more cast iron. Are there more cast iron pieces that I don’t have yet? Surely there are. I’d better find some. Here’s the list of what I’ve got. Let me know if there’s some thing that I don’t have so that I can add it to my wish list. 🙂 (Read Disclosures/Disclaimers here.)

If you decide to try this little gem of a waffle maker here are some tips to help your waffles come out nicely.

How to get great waffles with a cast iron waffle maker:
1. Heat the waffle iron till hot on both sides before using.
2. Just before pouring the first batch of batter in (turn the burner off if gas) and spray on the top and bottom plates with a bit of cooking oil. Note: this is only needed for the first waffle of the batch. You do not need to spray oil before cooking the next waffle.
3. Cook for a couple of minutes on one side (time will vary depending on your burner heat and batter thickness – you’ll get a feel for it), then using a hot pad flip the waffle iron over to cook on the other side. The second side is usually done a little faster than the first side.
4. Remove by lifting up one plate of the waffle iron and gently pulling the waffle out with a fork along the edges if it doesn’t fall out on it’s own.
5. Don’t wash when you are done. Simply let it cool completely, brush off any stray crumbs and store in your cabinet until next time. If you scrub with soap or water you will loose your seasoning. If some waffles get stuck on at any point, scrub off with a dry brush and spray with cooking oil as directed above before pouring more batter in.

Ahhh. They are so good! But one of the best parts is that I’ll never have to buy another waffle iron again. 🙂 With proper care this one will last forever.

Deal of the Day: Land’s End Clearance for $1.99

Lands end canvas kindle pouch 425828_AE12_LF_B86I like to shop the clearance section at Land’s End. A month or so ago I found that they have these canvas Kindle/Nook cases on clearance for $1.99. I ordered several of them and I am loving them for keeping stuff organized in my bag. They are sturdy canvas and they have a magnetic closure at the top. I keep snacks in one, hand sanitizer and essential oil blends that travel with me in another, I can stash crayons and paper for each kid in the others. The kids know which pouch has what (I got one of each color/pattern – other colors here) and they can get out what they need and know exactly where it is. My bag stays neat, I can fish stuff out of my bag easily while waiting at the bus stop or riding on the train. It is totally worth $2 to me not to have to make something like this – the built in magnetic closure is a big plus. Snatch them up before they are gone.

(Note: I receive no compensation for this review. This is just my own views and opinions of a product that I like.)