Cast Iron Waffles

3.12.14 027Not actually cast iron waffles, but my new favorite waffle maker (affiliate link). I had a regular electric belgian waffle maker that I used until we moved this fall. The handle had broken off, the rubber feet had all melted and the non-stick stuff was all scratched up on the inside. So I decided that it had served 7 good years and threw it out. This one was patiently sitting in the cabinet just waiting to be pulled out. I had received it as a birthday present and hadn’t really figured out how to use. Well, the time had come.

3.12.14 031At first I didn’t like it, but as my friend said the other day – “It’s cast iron. You just have to get to know it.” And she’s absolutely right. Now, that I know this lovely little cast iron waffle maker I think it’s so much better than my other one was. It’s seasoning up better and better with each use. It makes perfectly round beautiful waffles that come right out. You should all click the affiliate links above and buy one. I’ll earn .02 cents or something from Amazon which I’ll probably put toward some more cast iron. Are there more cast iron pieces that I don’t have yet? Surely there are. I’d better find some. Here’s the list of what I’ve got. Let me know if there’s some thing that I don’t have so that I can add it to my wish list. 🙂 (Read Disclosures/Disclaimers here.)

If you decide to try this little gem of a waffle maker here are some tips to help your waffles come out nicely.

How to get great waffles with a cast iron waffle maker:
1. Heat the waffle iron till hot on both sides before using.
2. Just before pouring the first batch of batter in (turn the burner off if gas) and spray on the top and bottom plates with a bit of cooking oil. Note: this is only needed for the first waffle of the batch. You do not need to spray oil before cooking the next waffle.
3. Cook for a couple of minutes on one side (time will vary depending on your burner heat and batter thickness – you’ll get a feel for it), then using a hot pad flip the waffle iron over to cook on the other side. The second side is usually done a little faster than the first side.
4. Remove by lifting up one plate of the waffle iron and gently pulling the waffle out with a fork along the edges if it doesn’t fall out on it’s own.
5. Don’t wash when you are done. Simply let it cool completely, brush off any stray crumbs and store in your cabinet until next time. If you scrub with soap or water you will loose your seasoning. If some waffles get stuck on at any point, scrub off with a dry brush and spray with cooking oil as directed above before pouring more batter in.

Ahhh. They are so good! But one of the best parts is that I’ll never have to buy another waffle iron again. 🙂 With proper care this one will last forever.