Remembering the Past – Living in the Present

We live near the City. It’s big. It’s noisy. It’s crowded. How can I aspire to live a life like Maggie Lane in a place like this? In many ways I can’t. And I don’t want to. I like life in the city. I enjoy the options the city gives me. I enjoy living without a car, interacting with hundreds of diffrent cultures, and taking advantage of all the activities a big city has to offer. But at home, I like cooking in my cast iron skillet, hanging clothes to dry, and making my own herbal remedies. So, even though I can’t look up and see thousands of stars like Maggie did on summer evenings, I think of looking out my window and seeing the lights of the bridge twinkling over the East River. And I’m happy with the time and place I live because I can have the benefits of the past and the present.

Remembering Maggie Lane

I grew up amongst acres of piney woods. During the day these trees became my playhouse, and the velvety green moss carpeted my floor. I pretended to cook and clean and keep house. And now this country girl is all grown up and finds herself living in the city remembering her country life.

Clothes blowing on the line, and carrying water from the spring fill my memories. And so I think of my grandmother and her mother – the life they led, the things they made and how they filled their days.

And I find a sense of pride in making things the way Maggie Lane did.

Grandma’s Farm House:

My great-grandmother was Maggie Lane. She lived with her husband and six girls on a dairy farm in Missouri. I’ve heard many stories of these farm house days. And so, I’ve organized each page of my remembrances by a room of Maggie Lane’s farm house. Come on in and sit down.


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  1. What an enjoyable introduction to Maggie Lane! Your blog feels like a treasure chest to me. I just know I am going to have fun sifting through it. Thank you.

  2. How amazing that you got to know your great grandma so well! Thank you for sharing her with us… many of us didn’t get to know our family like that and love this connection to that generation. THANK YOU!! ❤️

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