Elementary Botany Class

Welcome to Botany Class!

This is a self-paced, 30-week class for elementary homeschool students that contains contains weekly videos, assignments, and activities based on the Apologia Botany textbook. The class is designed to be used with either edition of Exploring Creation with Botany (pictured above).

In addition the Apologia content, you will also learn the skills of identifying plants by their plant family characteristics based on Thomas J. Elpel’s book Botany in a Day.

Upon registration, you receive access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with the instructor directly, ask questions, participate in the annual Plant ID contest, and post photos of your assignments, experiments and work. If you are not on Facebook, all this is accessible over email. Also included are in-person, virtual Plant ID class sessions which meet once per week for the second half of the year.

Target Student Grade Level:

I have taught this class to students in grades in Pre-K/K through 6th grade. Most of the materials are targeted towards 3rd and 4th grade, but are easily adapted for younger or older students.

Required Class Materials:

Exploring Creation with Botany, by Apologia Press (You can use either edition 1 or 2)

Bound Lined Journal for notes and assignments. I suggest this one, but others will work too.

Class Registration:

Your subscription to the class gives you access to the class content for one calendar year from the date of purchase. You will have continued access to the Facebook Group after the one year mark. To register click the button at the bottom of this page below the sample videos.

Registration Deadline:

There is no registration deadline because the class is self-paced. You may register at any point and will have access to the classes for one calendar year from your registration date.

Sample Lesson Video:

Sample Plant ID Video:


The cost for the class is $259.00 per family/household. You may have any number of students that reside in your household participate in the class.

If you are an active NJHSA member the cost is $200.00. Email rememberingmaggielane@gmail.com for a special registration link.

Questions: Email me at rememberingmaggielane@gmail.com.

Meet Your Instructor:

Rachel Parks is an certified elementary teacher who has homeschooled for 11 years. Her four children range from 2nd-10th grade. In her career as an educator she has taught at every grade level, Pre-K through 8th grade. She has six years experience working for a Creation Science ministry where her work involved curriculum development and teaching elementary aged students. She has taught 3rd/4th grade science at a Classical Homeschool Coop in the New York Metro area for the past 7 years. She is avid gardener and is self-trained in Botany, Plant Identification, and Herbal Medicine. Yet, the passion and enthusiasm for God’s creation and the plant world that she communicates to her students is the most valuable quality that she brings to the class.

Botany Class Registration:

Register for Elementary Botany Class to access 30 weeks of content covered in 50 instructional videos.

3 thoughts on “Elementary Botany Class

  1. Rachel is an Amazing teacher. I have been amazed how she has patiently shared her plethora of knowledge with my daughter in a paced , fun and relaxing way. My daughter developed a love for plants and flowers after this class and I would recommend this over and over again!!❤❤❤❤

  2. I highly recommend this class. Rachels enthusiasm and organization in this class inspired and encouraged us as we made our way through this COVID year. It was a great way to keep us on track with our science for the year and at the same time connect us with others, not to mention learning a lot about the amazing world of botany! My son said, “I never knew Botany could be so much fun!”

  3. My family loved this class! The children and I learned so much – we love going on nature walks and try to identify and classify the plants and trees. Rachel is an excellent teacher and a very organized Lady. The material/content was always available on time and she always encouraged us along the way. We enjoyed the experiments and watching her video lessons very much 🙂 My Boys call her “Ms Rachel, the Botany Lady” and my preschooler asks when it will his turn to do Botany 😉 He watched most of the videos with us even though he is too young to grasp some of the concepts. We had a wonderful time learning together as a family!

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