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As I write this the first week of school is complete. All over the country students, parents and teachers alike are recovering from the intensity that the first week of school brings.

This week my children and I experienced this with our first offical week of homeschool. Though I’ve done “baby school” and “preschool” with them from the beginning, now we’re doing it for real.

I’ve always loved school. There’s teaching in my blood. Both my grandfathers were teachers. One grandfather (Maggie’s son-in-law) taught in a one room school house in Missouri in the 30’s. My other grandfather taught middle school in Texas. But, when I got my teaching degree I knew that I didn’t want to be a classroom teacher. I knew that I wanted to teach my children. I married a teacher. And now my dream of teaching my children is being fulfilled.

First official day of homeschool.
They are ages 4 and almost 5

I love watching my kids learn the next skill and seeing the light go on in their head when they realize something new or get a new idea. But, my favorite thing is seeing their skills progress over time. I like knowing that a year ago all they could do was scribble and count to 10 and now they can write their name, read words, and answer sums. I hope I get the privilege of seeing their continued growth in skill and knowledge and an increased love of learning over the years. Both my husband and I knew when we got married that we wanted to homeschool our children, but one thing we also knew was that we wanted to do it well. What I mean by this is that we did not want to homeschool if we found that we could not realistically equip our children with the academic skills that they needed. Well, we only have one week to our credit, but I am encouraged that it is going well so far. We’ll see what the years ahead bring.

If you’re interested in homeschooling, click on the “Teacher’s Desk” below for some tips on what has helped us. Happy learning!

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