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2.26.11 004I remember one time when my dad came to visit me. I was a single working girl at that time. I made him breakfast one morning – biscuits and gravy. As we sat down and he took his first bite, he commented – “Mmmm. These are just like your mother’s biscuits.” A rather obvious statement I thought. Where did he think I learned to make them?

My recipes and cooking techniques come from of course my mother – Maggie’s granddaugther. Like Maggie, she rarely measures anything. So, like mother like daughter. I am the same way. I list my recipes here. Many of the measurements are estimates of what I typcially toss in, so if you try one feel free to adjust for yourself.

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Recipe Development:

I am a Recipe Developer. Personally, I have years of experience navigating unusual allergies. At one point we had to eliminate over thirty foods from my son’s diet. Thankfully we’ve been able to add some of those things back in, but he keeps me on my toes with his new and unexpected food sensitivities. But, I’ve also developed recipes professionally.

I have experience developing recipes which eliminate the following foods/plants:

Wheat/gluten, oats, rye, corn, eggs, dairy, pork, sunflower, safflower, coconut, palm oil, peanuts and tree nuts, soy, sesame, yeast, vegetable glycerine, chocolate, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggplants, pear, grapes, bananas, high histamine foods like tomatoes, strawberries, fish, and cultured foods, and many herbs like chamomile, dandelion, chicory, fenugreek, yarrow, red clover and others which are commonly found in teas or seasoning mixes. If you need to eliminate any of these foods, it’s likely I can help you.

Recipe Development Fees: $50 per recipe, untested. $150 tested.

Recipes will be given to you with step by step instructions. Photo tutorials will accompany tested recipes. I have experience developing all types of recipes. If you would like to inquire about a recipe, please fill out the form below.

Read my Disclaimers here.

Recipe Consultation:

Are you facing a new health diagnosis and now need to eliminate new foods from your diet and you don’t know where to start? Let me help. I’ve written and rewritten hundreds of recipes. I am aware of areas of cross contamination, and related plants that commonly cause reactions in people with certain allergies. Did you know that if you are allergic to coconut, that you may also need to avoid palm oil and vegetable glycerine? Vegetable glycerine is in nearly every toothpaste and lotion on the market. Did you know that if you are allergic to avacados, that you may need to avoid bananas as well? Did you know that certain high histamine foods can cause symptoms of an allergic reaction, when really it is just an over production of histamine in your body?

Let me help you navigate. I’d love to do a virtual one-on-one consultation with you and help you learn to navigate the foods that you need to eliminate from your diet. I can help you know what to substitute and how “tweak” your own recipes so that you can continue eating the dishes that you love. If you want to continue to do your own cooking, but just need a little bit of help from someone who has walked this road before you, let me help you learn what substitutions work, which ones don’t work, and what other foods you may need to avoid. I can help you develop a personal roadmap for healthy eating even when you need to eliminate new foods from your diet.

Recipe Consultation Fee: $60, 1 hour virtual consultation

You will receive a summary of notes and information discussed in our consultation via email at its conclusion. Continued support via text is included with your consultation fee.

Request a Recipe Consultation:

You will receive an email with options for specific appointment times.

Read my Disclaimers before you schedule your appointment.

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