Toy Box

Notice that my daughter is holding a tube of chapstick in her hand. She and her chapstick were inseperable.

There are thousands of manufactured toys today. But, as most parents will testify the toys that family and friends so thoughtfully purchase for the babies in their lives aren’t the ones that get played with the most. It’s the tubes of chapstick, kleenex boxes and pots and pans that captivate their attention. So, why do these things fill my kids’ toy boxes rather than actual toys? What’s the attraction? I think it’s because they want to know about the things that they see us use. Maybe if we adults played with their toys more, they would too. :)These are some of my favorite toys… (mine, not necessarily my kids)

Imaginarium abacus

wooden puzzle handmade by a family friend

pounding bench – the pegs are rarely all together in one place

cradle made by my Dad for his granddaughter



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