Scoring Sourdough Book

Are you disappointed when you lift the cover off your Dutch oven to see that the loaf of sourdough bread that you have painstakingly crafted doesn’t look like you imagined it? Let this book help you on your sourdough journey. Using step by step guidelines and visual images, take one step further towards getting the loaves that you want. Techniques can be applied to gluten free and yeast loaves as well.


“I love the look of beautiful bread. All of those Pinterest photos of perfectly scored loaves with shocks of wheat designs or a perfect symmetry just make me happy. But those loaves do not live in my kitchen. At least they haven’t yet. Try as I might, I just couldn’t make those loaves turn out beautiful. And then I read Rachel’s book. Within about 20 minutes of reading, I knew exactly what I had been doing wrong. And I was encouraged to try again. I won’t tell you my first try was perfect. It wasn’t, but it was a huge step forward and it led me to a second and a third try. Seeing Rachel’s journey to great scoring was more than encouraging.”

~ Carolyn Thomas, Homesteading Family, creator of The Art of Homemade Bread Masterclass and author The Art of Homemade Bread

Paperback copies can be purchased at Amazon.

Click below to purchase the Scoring Sourdough Bread e-book.

Purchase Scoring Sourdough Bread e-book by Rachel Parks, $18.00

Table of Contents:

About the Author:

Rachel Parks is a homeschooling mom, avid home cook, recipe developer, and Cottage Baker. She lives north of NYC where she pursues her interests of baking bread, teaching botany, and babywearing. She is a CBWS Babywearing Consultant. For information on individual consultations or group classes, visit her babywearing page.

One thought on “Scoring Sourdough Book

  1. I am really excited to have this book! It will help me so much in my pursuit of making beautiful sourdough loaves. I really like the layout of the book which takes you on a journey by showing the author’s advancing skill in scoring and baking sourdough bread. She has included a great photo of each of her 52 loaves with helpful explanations underneath. I am so inspired to try many of her designs!

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