Norman Rockwell painting

Most city dwellers can identify with small living quarters. Maggie’s house had only one bedroom – though she creatively used the parlor, screen porch and attic as sleeping quarters when they had a house full. Maggie would fill the floor space with beds to accomodate everybody.

I’ve heard stories from my aunts of visiting their grandmother’s house and all the nights that they would stay up late giggling in the attic and having pillow fights. They always got scolded if they tore open one of Grandma Mag’s pillows in the throws of battle. They were told time and again to take care and remember all the hard work that she had gone to in choosing only the softest down feathers for her pillows.

I remember sleeping on one of her pillows as a little girl at my grandmother’s house. I loved how your head would sink into the pillow and softness would surround you. I still haven’t found a pillow that I liked as much as that.

Nighttime in the city can be sweet. While the streets are busy and bustling, there is something calming about nestling your sweet little ones under their covers.

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