In Maggie’s day you’d visit with your neighbors on the front porch as they dropped by, with your friends over a cup of tea – a well-deserved respite from work in the afternoon, or across the counter at the country store. You’d share recipes and remedies, tips and tricks and help solve each other’s problems. Today many of us don’t connect face to face anymore. My point here is not to debate the merits or faults of this fact, as the reality is that many of us find our conversations with friends taking place over social media, blogs and online forums. Here are the tips, tricks, recipes and remedies from other bloggers that I’ve run across and found interesting. Join their conversations.
Your input is always welcome. ~

Delicious and simple cast iron berry cobbler from Made some this summer on my parents blackberry farm. Mmmm.

Delicious apple cobbler. Basically apple mix topped with homemade biscuits. This is my substitute for apple pie since I’m not good at making those.

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Featured Image

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From Wellness Mama

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Herb Profile from Wellness Mama. I love garlic! It’s one of my favorite herbs.

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Good post from Mommypotamus on ear infections with remedy tips and explaining when antibiotics are really needed.

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