I grew up hearing about what a fabulous cook Maggie was. My grandmother told me stories of how delicious her biscuits and gravy, and chicken and dumplings were. In fact, she often said with a veiled thread of resentment how almost every Sunday someone would invite themselves over to Maggie’s house for dinner after church. I know she secretly felt that people took advantage of Maggie’s generosity. But, I imagine that Maggie enjoyed being hospitable to others.

Maggie’s kitchen was on the back side of her house. There was a large kitchen table, a root cellar under the floor, and for easy access the water pump was on the back porch adjacent to the kitchen. Maggie’s granddaughters have often commented how well Maggie and her husband designed their kitchen and their home. I wish I could have had a meal around her table.

Kitchen Pages:

Baking Day

Bread Box Cottage Bakery


Cleaning Day



Herb Shed


Recipe Box

The Kitchen Sink

Wash porch

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