The Little Laminator that could….

I don’t usually share products that I like, but last week I posted about all the flash cards that we use in our homeschool. Well, I’ve laminated most of them and this little AmazonBasics laminator was the best $20 I’ve ever spent. So far I’ve used almost 300 laminating sheets to laminate between two and four flash cards per sheet. Best thing I ever did. Not only will these survive through school days with four children, but if they manage to survive through to the last kid they will still be useable for someone else as well after we’re done with them.

One thought on “The Little Laminator that could….

  1. Love our Amazon laminator! That thing is a workhorse. If I didn’t laminate practically everything the toddler would destroy it. Well worth the money. (don’t ask me how much I’ve spent on laminating pouches …)

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