Deal of the Day: Land’s End Clearance for $1.99

Lands end canvas kindle pouch 425828_AE12_LF_B86I like to shop the clearance section at Land’s End. A month or so ago I found that they have these canvas Kindle/Nook cases on clearance for $1.99. I ordered several of them and I am loving them for keeping stuff organized in my bag. They are sturdy canvas and they have a magnetic closure at the top. I keep snacks in one, hand sanitizer and essential oil blends that travel with me in another, I can stash crayons and paper for each kid in the others. The kids know which pouch has what (I got one of each color/pattern – other colors here) and they can get out what they need and know exactly where it is. My bag stays neat, I can fish stuff out of my bag easily while waiting at the bus stop or riding on the train. It is totally worth $2 to me not to have to make something like this – the built in magnetic closure is a big plus. Snatch them up before they are gone.

(Note: I receive no compensation for this review. This is just my own views and opinions of a product that I like.)