Tips for travelling with cloth diapers

10.10.10 231How do you travel with cloth? It doesn’t take up much more room in your suitcase than a package of disposables and will save you $20-30 for a two week trip. Travelling is expensive anyway. Read on for tips on what to take and how to fit them all in your carry on.

Homemade hand sanitizer

121231_0013Field trips, outings, all day playing with toy food at the museum – hand sanitizer is a must! Make your own hand sanitizer without alcohol and chemicals. Easy to take on the go to keep those little hands clean.

A tiny bit of oil can solve all those tiny troubles…

Sarah 015 croppedWhen our child needs comfort it can seem like their little worlds are falling apart. Whether it’s the scraped knee or a teething baby any pain, however small, can feel really big. I started mixing up this oil blend to soothe and disinfect the scrapes and cuts. It must do something to help them as soon my kids started coming and asking for some even when the hurt really didn’t warrant a remedy. But, they just wanted to feel like something was helping them with that bumped elbow or squished finger. It can take the edge off sore gums for a teething baby and is a great replacement to using standard antibiotic ointment.

Babywearing now and then….

Central Park

Central Park

Babywearing. It’s been around for as long as there have been babies. How we do it now isn’t much different from how we did it then. Read on

Cloth diaper wash routine and storage for city dwellers…

3.25.13 051Cloth diapering requires dedication – especially if you live in a small apartment with no laundry. Here are some creative solutions that I’ve found that work for us for a good wash routine for shared, low water machines and apartment storage. Happy diapering!

Keep your family healthy – herbal drops your kid will love!

9.30.12 003Cold season is upon us. It’s time to boost up those immune systems and help fight off all those pesky germs that come around this time of year. I credit these drops for keeping my kids healthy and cold-free this past year. I give mine the Well Drops almost daily. And double and triple up if they are fighting something off. Rummage through the Herb Shed and read up on how to make your own. It’s really not that hard. All you need are the ingredients, a jar, a crock-pot and water. Stay healthy!

Homemade Zinc Oxide Sunscreen – with ingredients that you already have

Waterproof, zinc oxide sunscreen that is cheap. $1 per ounce. It works great too. We tested it out at the lake last week. No burns. And only needs one application for typical outings. Go to your kitchen and stir some up for summer. Click on the Herb Shed and scroll down. There’s a quick and easy version too.

Keep those bites away with homemade bug spray.

5.7.13 051If they aren’t already out where you live, soon you’ll be swatting away those mosquitoes. Keep those pesky bites away with this homemade bug spray recipe. Add these essential oils to your carrier oil, spray, rub and enjoy the great outdoors. Happy Spring!

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