The World of Cloth Diapers

5.7.12 005Introduced a friend to the world of cloth diapers this week. Click here to see my favorite diapers, covers, and recipes for diaper sprays and HE safe laundry soap. We’ll also be taking our cloth on our summer travels this year. You can get tips for travelling with your cloth diapers. And my favorite thing of all – summer is coming so hang those diapers out on the clothesline. There’s nothing better than the sun for bleaching out stains and giving your stash a disinfecting boost.

Tips for travelling with cloth diapers

10.10.10 231How do you travel with cloth? It doesn’t take up much more room in your suitcase than a package of disposables and will save you $20-30 for a two week trip. Travelling is expensive anyway. Read on for tips on what to take and how to fit them all in your carry on.

Cloth diaper wash routine and storage for city dwellers…

3.25.13 051Cloth diapering requires dedication – especially if you live in a small apartment with no laundry. Here are some creative solutions that I’ve found that work for us for a good wash routine for shared, low water machines and apartment storage. Happy diapering!

Homemade HE Laundry Detergent

Not only is this recipe inexpensive (less than $15 for a 6 month supply) but it is safe for cloth diapers and cleans very well. It’s low sudsing so you can use it in your HE machine or it works great in a regular top loader too. Stroll out to the wash porch for the recipe.

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