Babywearing – How to stay cool this summer

5.8.14 027This is my new favorite summer carrier. It is a Bara Barn Shawl. I got Salsa (orange, pink, purple) and Mint (turquoise blends). This European wrap is a short wrap – or a shorty as they are called. It’s a thin woven at at 108 inches (a long size 2) makes it nice for toddler wearing in the summer. I find these woven wraps to be very thin and airy – and not thick – which I like. It holds my daughter’s weight (28-30ish lbs.) well and doesn’t pull back on my shoulders with a back carry. It felt much better on my shoulders than any of my other wraps that I have tried in these same carries (Wrapsody Breeze and Stretch (single layer and doubled – folded in half), TC Mahogany shorty, and Girasol). I know many people don’t like gauze wraps (Wrapsody Breeze) but on the whole they have been my favorite wrap. I love the thinness! However, I suspect that I may like this Bara Barn more. It’s very supportive and stays in place and my knot doesn’t slip. I find the knots easier to tie because it is so much thinner than most wovens. It’s wide and I have no trouble making a seat for my big toddler and no trouble getting it all the way up her back. And I’m really enjoying shortys right now since we are in the “I want to walk.” and then 5 minutes later “Uppy” phase. The feel is different than gauze. I have a feeling it’s going to soften up more than my gauze wraps. The weave is not as fine as gauze but I love the thinness. If you’re interested in one, I got mine from Purple Elm Baby. Stay cool this summer and happy babywearing! (No links in this post are affiliate links.)


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