Summer Learning Activities

The school year is ending. Now, what do we do with these kids all summer? Listed here are some toys, games and  activities that I like to fall back on when my kids need something to do and I want their brains to be engaged. The ideas listed here are all indoor ideas and are geared for Pre-K to 2nd grade. Congratulations on coming to the end of your school year. I hope it was a successful one and that the summer holds great things to com!

Note: Most of the links here are Amazon Affiliate links, which means that I’ll get a few pennies if you click on one and purchase something. Full Disclosure here.


Indoor SandboxThis is what we pull out on days where we can’t go outside to play. Good for sweltering summery days where you want to stay in the air-conditioning.

Our indoor sandbox.

Our indoor sandbox.




Card Games:

Memory/Matching Games:

Board Games:


Note: I prefer that my kids color with colored pencils as they are somewhat eraseable, and harder for the little ones to eat than crayons and markers. Also since they have no erasers, the toddler can’t bite them off the end of the pencil and choke on it. Good all the way around. I like Crayola best and they have the boldest color.


Floor Games:

We turned this fabric map into a quick geography game. Each kid gets to travel around the world by stepping on the location named. Or have race and see who can get there first.