Spelt Granola

5.8.14 013I don’t how I’ve never seen these before, but I just this last week saw these Shiloh Farms Spelt Flakes sitting on the shelf at the health food store. I never would have even notice them if they hadn’t been marked down to $2.00 a bag. I assume some were nearing the expiration date and they were trying to clear them out. Well, my bargain eye caught sight of the red clearance marker and I thought, “That looks like oats.” My next thought process was, “That’s spelt. Caleb can eat spelt. I could make him granola.” Well, I’m sure you can guess what I did next. I bought every sale bag on the shelf.

Today I pulled them out and made spelt granola. I used the regular granola recipe that I normally make for my husband and daughter, except that I substituted these spelt flakes for the oats. I also omitted the coconut for him since he reacts to that as well as oats.

I of course had to sample it when it was done. It is quite good. I think the spelt flakes are a little bit denser than regular oats and the flavor is not quite as nutty as oats, but it is quite delicious.

I’m happy to say that my boy had his first bite of granola today. It makes my heart happy to see him get to enjoy something that the rest of the family eats regularly and that he has never even gotten to try before now. He is in the unfortunate position of having reacted to oats since the first bite of his big sister’s cherrio at about 8 months old. I’m so glad to have found these spelt flakesBob’s Red Mill also makes Rolled Spelt Flakes too. (Note: These are affiliate links.) I’ll definitely be buying these again.

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Enjoying his first bite of spelt granola EVER!

Enjoying his first bite of spelt granola EVER!