DIY Linen spray – freshener

5.9.13 011Need to freshen those linens? Make your own linen spray. Use it anything that needs to be spruced up without washing. Would work for carpets and rugs too. Easy DIY linen spray recipe.

Cleaning Day

web_DSC01019Resources for a naturally clean home. Read here…. You’ve already got baking soda and vinegar. What else do you need? Start scrubbing.

Cast Iron Cleaning and Re-seasoning tips

10″ Cast Iron Skillet

Read on for cleaning and quick reseasoning tips for your cast iron cookware.

Homemade HE Laundry Detergent

Not only is this recipe inexpensive (less than $15 for a 6 month supply) but it is safe for cloth diapers and cleans very well. It’s low sudsing so you can use it in your HE machine or it works great in a regular top loader too. Stroll out to the wash porch for the recipe.