Summer Bouquets 2020

I’ve always had a hard time cutting flowers from my garden. I just never seem to want to ruin their beauty by taking them from their natural state.

I’ve been experimenting this year though, and I’ve found which flowers last well as a cut flower and which ones don’t. Some, like Zinnias even put on more blooms when you cut them.

Here’s a summary of my summer bouquets.

Black-Eyed Susan, Echinacea, Red Phlox
Echinacea, Salmon Zinnia, Polar Bear Zinnia, Coreopsis Cherry Blast
Echinacea Hot Coral, Zinnia Polar Bear, Salmon Zinnia, Coreopsis Zagreb
Echinacea Baja Burgundy, Coreopsis Zagreb, Coreopsis Cherry Blast, Salvia
Rose Quietness

Long-Lasting Cut Flowers: Zinnia, Coreopsis, Salvia, Cosmos. Hydrangeas can be long lasting as well if you wait to cut them when they are beginning to feel papery on the stem.

Flowers that Fade Quickly: Echinacea, Black-Eyed Susan.