Leftover Broccoli Cheese Potato Soup

IMG_0525I invented this soup while trying to use up a variety of leftovers from my fridge for lunch one day. It turned out pretty good. So, save your leftovers and throw it all in. Here’s what I had to toss in:

baked potatoes, peeled and mashed
milk or cream until a thick soupy texture is reached
salt and pepper to taste
pat of butter
4-5 homemade chicken broth cubes
shredded cheese
cooked broccoli

Put everything in the pot cold and stir and mash until everything is dissolved and melted. Yum!

Other things that might be good in this soup are carrots, bacon or ham. Just be sure you are using leftovers or already cooked food. Uncooked veggies probably won’t cook through enough.