How to make Garlic Oil

130705_0003Whenever my kids are sick they smell like garlic. I rub garlic oil all over them. I rub it on behind their ears, down the sides of their neck, on their feet, on their chest. You get the idea. Garlic is anti – everything (bacterial, fungal, viral, septic, etc.). It’s one of the most effective herbs at healing the body from infection and it is very effective at cleansing. One of my herb books tells the story of how in WWII when penicillin was scarce the medics carried cloves of garlic with them which they used to triage their patients. It’s one of my favorite herbs and one of the reasons that I like it so much is that it’s safe. It’s food after all. I add it to almost all my cooking. A whole head of garlic goes in to each batch of chicken broth and I use it in my well drops too. So, rub it all over and eat it up to stay well. For the directions on how to make your own garlic oil, visit the Herb Shed and scroll down.