Summer Babywearing

7.21.13 006It’s been HOT in New York City this past week with the heat index reaching well past 100 degrees. How do you keep you and your baby cool? The answer that you don’t want to hear is that you can’t really. I always carry sun hats for me and baby, a water bottle, cloth wipes (or little baby washcloths to wipe little sweaty faces) and my favorite sandalwood fan with me to help keep us cool but the reality is that in that kind of heat you are both going to get hot and sweaty no matter what. However, the last couple of weeks I have really been enjoying wearing my youngest in an “unofficial” baby carrier. I raided my closet and pulled out my sarongs. These are typically used in America as swimsuit cover ups, but I’ve found that they work very well as a cool and supportive short baby carrier (otherwise known as a “shorty”). Most sarongs are made of rayon which is a thin, cool non-stretchy fabric. They are good for sling style carries (front, hip or back) with a knot at one shoulder. Sarongs aren’t very long. Most measure approximately 66×44 inches. If you are above a size 12 or 14 you might need to look for a sarong that is 70″ in length or get a plus size sarong which is usually about 90″ long. You can usually find saraongs online with prices ranging from $7.99 (on clearance) to $24.99 for fancy or plus size ones.

one-shouldered front carry  with a 25 lb. one year old

one-shouldered front carry
with a 25 lb. one year old

hip carry

hip carry

back carry

back carry

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