Mineral and Herb Deodorant Spray

8.30.13 049This is a new and improved deodorant spray recipe. It combines the antibacterial properties of herbs, ph correcting properties of apple cider vinegar, and the added benefit of getting a daily dose of magnesium which is efficiently absorbed through your skin.

Deodorant Spray Recipe:
32 oz. Magnesium Oil (recipe by Wellness Mama).
32 oz. Herbal infused vinegar

Mix equal amounts in a spray bottle. Spray on. Will keep indefinitely in your medicine cabinet.

(Note: Both the vinegar and magnesium oil will sting if applied to freshly shaved skin. So do not apply if you have just shaved your underarms.)

Herbal infused vinegar

8.30.13 047I’ve been making herbal infused vinegars lately. I started making one to use as a hair rinse and found that I like it in my new deodorant recipe too (coming soon).

It’s easy to make. Just takes a little time.

Here’s what you need….
1 – 32 oz. glass jar and lid
apple cider vinegar
1 cup herbs of choice (I use nettle, lavender and rosemary)

Place the dried herbs in the glass jar. Pour the apple cider vinegar over the herbs filling up to one inch from the top of the jar. Seal. Let it sit for 3 weeks agitating the jar daily. After 3 weeks (give or take) strain the herbs and rebottle using in the shower as a hair rinse, toner for your face, or as an ingredient in homemade deodorant.

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Magnesium Oil: new uses and benefits

Have any of you tried the Magnesium Oil recipe from Wellness Mama? I made some up earlier this summer. And I just found a new and exciting use for it. Let me explain.

magnesium oil

magnesium oil

I typically take a magnesium supplement, which I found to be especially helpful during my last pregnancy. (All my aches and pains from sore muscles disappeared as long as I took it – it was amazingly helpful! In terms of mobility I didn’t even feel like I was pregnant.) And I’ve been using Wellness Mama’s magnesium oil recipe off and on too (honestly – I’m not very good at remembering to use it). However, last night I had a very sore muscle in the middle of the night from overexertion during the day. I was using peppermint oil for the discomfort which helped, but in the morning when I woke up I thought that I should try applying some magnesium oil on it. I knew that the magnesium was good for muscles and had helped before when I was pregnant, so I tried it. I sprayed some on and rubbed it in. It helped a lot! Now by afternoon the muscle is barely sore. I wish I had thought of this in the middle of the night. Keep it in mind in the future for sore muscles. It helped me immensely.

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