Magnesium Oil: new uses and benefits

Have any of you tried the Magnesium Oil recipe from Wellness Mama? I made some up earlier this summer. And I just found a new and exciting use for it. Let me explain.

magnesium oil

magnesium oil

I typically take a magnesium supplement, which I found to be especially helpful during my last pregnancy. (All my aches and pains from sore muscles disappeared as long as I took it – it was amazingly helpful! In terms of mobility I didn’t even feel like I was pregnant.) And I’ve been using Wellness Mama’s magnesium oil recipe off and on too (honestly – I’m not very good at remembering to use it). However, last night I had a very sore muscle in the middle of the night from overexertion during the day. I was using peppermint oil for the discomfort which helped, but in the morning when I woke up I thought that I should try applying some magnesium oil on it. I knew that the magnesium was good for muscles and had helped before when I was pregnant, so I tried it. I sprayed some on and rubbed it in. It helped a lot! Now by afternoon the muscle is barely sore. I wish I had thought of this in the middle of the night. Keep it in mind in the future for sore muscles. It helped me immensely.

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